Brand Strategy and Concept Development

I help you build profitable relationships with your customers, make them love your brand, and become your best salespersons. From words to action with loving communication.

Business Model 5V to 5P

Brand platform workshops

Companies and organizations who work according to the Sustainable Goals are more profitable. And soon, sustainability will be a minimum requirement to exist in the market.

The business model 5V to 5P makes your customers surprisingly satisfied and your employees so proud, that they become the company's best salespersons.

Connecting the company's vision to the Global Sustainability Goals right from the start, provides a win-win situation for owners, employees, customers and our planet.

Apostel offers workshops with you and your management team or board members.

I’d love to tell you more. Let’s book a meeting!
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A complete business plan enables you to stand firm with your brand, your strategies and your action plan for how to reach the goals! If you book several workshops or lectures at the same time, you'll get a discount!
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5V Brand Platform

5V is the root that makes you stand firmly in your business idea. You set a vision, establish values, find your most profitable customers, how you solve their needs and why they should choose you.

20% package discount when ordering at the same time.

50 000 SEK + VAT

5P Strategies and Action Plan

Make your strategy for each time the brand meets the customer. In marketing, stores, pricing, employees and packaging. And an action plan for how to reach your goals.

15% package discount when ordering at the same time.

20 000 SEK + VAT

E-book Building the Good Brand

With this handbook as an inspiration and guide, you can integrate the Global Sustainability Goals step by step into the business plan, and build the good brand. E-book in English will be released in 2023.

250 SEK

Let's meet

Let's have a meeting, IRL or remotely. You tell me about the company's needs, I ask questions and form a good understanding of your business and where you want to go.
Build the business plan 360°

5V, The Root

In the 5V to 5P model’s ten steps you work with brand and business development, CSR and digitization, in one process. Effectively, in 360°, you can strengthen competitiveness, to make your customers your best salespersons.
What is your vision? And how is it linked to the Global Goals? A half-day

12 000 SEK

2. WHO?
Who are you adressing? Who are the target group. And what needs do they have?
A half-day

12 000 SEK

3. WHY?
Why should customers choose you instead of your competitors? Sales benefits like USP, ESP and SSP. A half-day

12 000 SEK

4. WHAT?
What does your company offer to solve customer needs? A half-day

12 000 SEK

What is the company's personality and culture? A half-day

12 000 SEK


"Make your position in the market clearer,

create long-term relationships and

increase your profitability."

Mia Ulin

5P, The Branches

The 5 P's come from Philip Kotler, a well-known professor of marketing. He currently works at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in the United States.
What P?
The customer sees and hears the company's promises in marketing, PR and sales.

The customer experiences the interface where they meet your brand. In the office, in your shop, on the web or with retailers.

The customer experiences your products' functionality, quality and design.

How we choose a price that adds the right value to the product or service for the target group?

The customer meets and is in contact with the company's employees and retailers.


Strategies for what each P should be characterized by takes about half a day, i.e 4 hours.

12 000 SEK


We develop an action plan for next year that will take you to your goals! About half a day, i.e 4 hours.

12 000 SEK

"Content is Queen. I am content."

I make people understand what you want to say with content, storytelling and a supporting concept.

Apostel has a long and solid experience from large as well as smaller clients and projects. Our clients have been in the fields of Food & Health, Property Development & Housing, Fashion & Trends, Leadership & Management, Travel & Tourism, Cultural Heritage, Research & Education and much, much more…

Mia Ulin is a certified 5V to 5P leader and offers workshops with you and your management team or board members.

Brand platform workshops

The business model 5V to 5P, makes customers surprisingly satisfied and employees so proud that they become the company's best salespersons. Mia Ulin is a certified 5V to 5P leader and offers workshops with you and your management team or board members.

From 12 000 SEK

Concept and Storytelling

We help you create the unique concept that gives your business a solid position in the market. It could be a new hotel, a travel destination, a commercial property, a restaurant or a residential neighborhood. A product, a place or a service.

From 30 000 SEK

Web sites

A web site can be the combination of your showroom, your shop and your office where you meet your customers. Show your offer, your idea, your messages and your "why". Simple or advanced. Price requiresa basic brand platform including colors and image manner.

From 30 000 SEK

My vision

Through loving communication, I inspire companies all over the world to sustainable entrepreneurship and increased understanding.

With my friends Anu and Emi in Chennai, India.

Content: Photo, film and text.

 Detroit, Juni 2023, 2 minuter 03 sek
When I travel and write articles, I take a lot of photos and films. As a complement to the written article, I usually make a slideshow/film while waiting for the text to be ready. This is from Detroit, where we had a marvelous stay hosted by Visit Detroit.

Photo and editing: Mia Ulin

Price ca 5 000 SEK excl music.

Dramaturgy & Storytelling

Ideas and scripts for shorter and longer presentations, videos, sales videos and documentaries for the Swedish market.

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Translation of short or long texts from English to Swedish and adaption to Swedish idioms and expressions for copywriting.

From 5 000 SEK

Visual platform or web interface

For the content to make the right impact, a visual framework is needed to carry the message in the best possible way.

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Said by others

Sometimes you need a witty word to apply for an assignment, sometimes it comes spontaneously. I am huble and grateful for these fine statements.

”Mia sees potential in businesses, has interesting ideas, is good at convincing and has a unique ability to make things happen. A strong drive and clear target focus! She sees outside the box and can look in from the outside.”

Monica Kinsella, former CEO, Österbybruk Mansion

”Your texts are Rich, Informative, Magnetic and Appealing. You are "Queen of Content" indeed. Happy to be one of your preferred suppliers

Mr Santosh Dev, CEO at WhisRight Technologies, Chennai, India

”Mia is a dynamic entrepreneur. She works diligently and enthusiastically. I have just read her essay on tourism in India. Accurate, eloquent and brilliant."

Mr Digvijay Singh, author, Uppsala, Sweden

We work according to the UN

Global Sustainability Goals

All businesses must work sustainably in the long term to live up to society's and the market's expectations, as well as to contribute to our own and the planet's survival. Apostel wants to act sustainably in all dimensions and let this permeate the entire operation.

A Place for Sustainability

Uppsala:2030 is the meeting place where you get a solid overview of sustainability and ensure that your business is at the forefront. Apostel is committed to Uppsala:2030, which is based on the 5V to 5P business model.

Preferred suppliers

Today, content is in focus, and I claim that Content is Queen! But for the content to make the right impact, a visual framework is needed to carry the message in the best possible way. The framework consists of design and technology in a beautiful and efficient symbiosis. If you have the framework, you can be creative within the framework and focus on the message.

Odette Lager Design with creativity as a passion

Odette is the most intellectual, talented and creative designer I have worked with, and we understand each other completely, even when we disagree. If I have to choose, I'll always choose to work with Odette.

Odette and I have worked as partners for over 20 years. We have created communication and concepts for research departments at universities, real estate companies, hotels, restaurants, experiences, destinations, magazines and more.

Odette's focus is always on weaving together design and the visual identity with strategic and creative thinking to help companies identify and explore their opportunities to develop, reach out and thus become more successful.

See for yourself at

WisRight Technologies competitive digitization

If Odette is color, design and feeling, WisRight is my supplier of technology and logic. WisRight is available in India and Sweden and has been on the Swedish market for almost 20 years.

My own collaboration with the people at WisRight started in 2011 when I traveled to India for the first time to get to know the team. We have a mutual understanding of what we want to achieve for our customers and the Indian developers also visit Sweden regularly.

WisRight works with the web, apps and digital solutions such as social media systems, conference systems, ERP, CMS, CRM systems, mobile apps, QaAS and e-commerce systems based on Microsoft® .NET.

Thanks to WisRight's production being located in India, we can offer cutting-edge technology at a competitive price.


Miss English – Makes your English outstanding

Miss English is a translation agency that proofreads, translates and educates. Miss English also offers tailor-made training in Business English and coaches professionals in giving presentations, sales pitches and lectures. Miss English helps me get my English right.

Visit Miss English >>

Apostel's priority goals

The basic prerequisites are of course the equal value of all people, peace on earth and a healthy planet. However, it is a good idea to consider the Global Goals for Sustainability that you are the most committed to and can have an impact on. In my business, I want to focus on these areas:

GOAL 1: No poverty. Apostel wants to ensure that all people are free, have power over their existence and can live a dignified life.

GOAL 5: Equality for all girls and women everywhere, always. Together with good, humble, caring men.

GOAL 8: Decent working conditions promote sustainable economic growth. This favors innovation and entrepreneurship that includes society as a whole and is a positive force for the entire planet.

GOAL 16: Peaceful and inclusive societies. “Peace must come first. If it does not, my friend, nothing will come after it.”

Tage Danielsson, Swedish author